Friday, April 10, 2009

Legally Blonde by Amanda Brown.

This time while browsing through categories in my online library , I decided to pick a book from one category which I visit very rarely. Since it is exam time also, I wanted something very light. I thought of picking something from the children's section at first, then changed my mind and picked something from the category "chick lit".The title 'Legally Blonde' was vaguely familiar, may be because it has been made into a movie.

Elle Woods, the blonde, gets the blow of her life when Warner, her boyfriend for three years, dumps her exactly when she expected him to propose. The reason - He is going to study law at Stanford and he thinks she is not "serious" enough. After all she is only a blonde. But Elle is not someone to accept defeat. She also manages to enroll herself as a law student at Stanford. And thus she arrives at Stanford, with her fashionable designer wardrobe, her perfect made up look and her chihuahua, amidst the ambitious, power dressed law school students. And Warner is there too, with his fiancee Sarah. Even after being the laughing stock of the entire law school from the very first day, Elle is determined to prove herself to Warner. She is going to show him that she can also do whatever his "serious" fiancee is capable of doing, and that too without losing her identity in the process.

The hurdles faced by Elle were many. But finally she is able to establish herself, when she wins the case she is working on as an intern. And Warner.. ,yes! he is ready to come back to her. But now it is Elle's turn to decide, and may be Sarah's too.

Good for light reading, Enjoyable( but don't bother to use your brains). 3 out of 5.

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