Thursday, October 9, 2014

Barsa by Khadeeja Mumtaaz

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Khadeeja Mumtaaz is a medical doctor by profession. Barsa is her second novel and has won many awards including Kerala Sahitya Academy award.

The book deals with the experiences of Dr. Sabitha in Saudi Arabia. Sabitha has recently converted to Islam after her marriage. She and her husband have reached the holy city of Mecca as doctors on contract. The rest of the book describes Sabitha's experiences in Saudi Arabia as a Muslim woman. Sabitha, whose familiarity with Islam before has only been in a more tolerant society of a Kerala village, is sometimes shocked by the extremely conservative way in which people, especially women, are treated in that country. She sees how the religion is misinterpreted by the more powerful to suit their needs.

Barsa is indeed a well-researched book which talks about a relevant issue. The novelist deserves much praise for treating a much sensitive issue with commendable control and concern.

I recommend it to everyone, 4 out of 5.