Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sleeping Murder by Agatha Christie

A long stressful week and I know I have to pick up a mystery from Christie in the weekend.

Gwenda, a newly married girl, is searching for a house  to settle down in England. She is new to England and finally finds her perfect home in an English countryside. Everything was going on well till she understands that she seems to know much more about the house than she should know. She almost believes that she is mad when she remembers seeing a dead body in the hall. It is now that Miss Jane Marple comes to her rescue. She helps Gwenda to realize that she had actually lived in the house as a small child and that is how she knows about the house so well. And the next important question is : Was a murder  really committed in the house?. Miss Marple tries to discourage them from digging into the "sleeping murder" but Gwenda and her husband are very enthusiastic about it. Unknowingly, they were inviting danger to their doorstep. But there always is Miss Marple to the help.

This is one of my favourite Hercule Poirot mysteries and there is no one like Christie who can handle murder-in-the-past plots. Sleeping Murder just establishes her as The Queen of Crime beyond doubt.

A good mystery from Christie, 3 out of 5.

Trivia : This is the last Miss Marple mystery, published posthumously in 1976.