Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Sittaford Mystery by Agatha Christie

Yes, a Christie again. (This time I travelled to Coorg).

In the tiny village of Sittaford, Mrs Willett and her daughter, the new tenants, have invited some guests for tea. After tea, someone suggests a game of table turning and during the game the "spirit" declares that Captain Trevelyn, Major Burnaby's friend is murdered. Major Burnaby is very disturbed by this and  decides to go and see his friend, in spite of the heavy snow fall.  And yes, The "spirit" was true, Captain Trevlyn is murdered! In the next two days, James Pearson, Captain's nephew is arrested for murder. Enter Emily Trefusis, his fiance, who is determined to solve the mystery and save her love. This amateur sleuth soon encounters many suspicious characters which turns out to be mere red herrings.

This is a typical Christie mystery. A good plot, well etched characters, enough amount of suspense but sadly most of these falters towards the end.  The story is still good but surely Christie has written better mysteries.

You can guess the murderer if you have read a good amount of Christie novels. 2.5 out of 5.

Trivia: This novel was adapted for television as a Miss Marple mystery.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

The fact that this book is being made into a movie with Julia Roberts in it, was enough reason for me to buy this book. But by the time I started reading, the movie had come and gone and I had resisted my temptation to watch the movie.

The tag line of this memoirs read "A woman's search for everything". Can you search for everything you need in one year? Apparently, Elizabeth Gilbert thought so and started on an year-long journey across Italy, India and Indonesia, searching for pleasure, spirituality and love respectively. Her life before this journey was not going through a good phase, after a bitter divorce and a failed love affair.  So she considered these three aspects of her life to be those that will make her life balanced.

The journey,  started with Italy, where Liz ate a lot of pizza, learned Italian and watched soccer. What a way to unwind after a bitter divorce. Then she traveled to India to search her inner spiritual self. I felt this part of this book was a little dragging. Well, Liz did find inner peace. Next she reached Bali, in search of balance. Can she find love there? Even if she finds someone to love, is she ready for further complication in her now-peaceful life ?

The memoirs started great and engaging but later became dragging at places. Towards the end, there is a struggle to somehow make the journey eventful. There are many touching moments, like when Liz and her friends signing a petition to God. The book is worth reading for such tender moments. And who knows, may be this will be an inspiration to start your own soul-searching journey.

Worth reading once, 3 out of 5.

Trivia: Gilbert's travel was funded by the publishing house.