Thursday, August 1, 2013

Inferno by Dan Brown

There are some authors who have this "one book" that bowled you over.  And you always pick up another book from the author thinking you are going to get another masterpiece. But often you end up disappointed. Even then, when you see another book from that author, you pick that thinking " may be this one is like the first masterpiece".

In case of Dan Brown, there are two books of him that bowled me over - Da vinci Code and Angels & Demons. When I got a copy of Inferno on the first day itself, I had this secret hope in my mind that may be this is going to be another Davinci code.

Like Davinci code and Angels&Demons, Inferno has Robert Langdon as the main protagonist. Like Davinci code and Angels&Demons, he has a smart, intelligent lady to help him. Like  Davinci code and Angels&Demons, they are running around in some picturesque locations in order to stop some loony murderers (In this case, they have to save the world too!).   So like Da Vinci code and Angels &Demons, is Inferno also a masterpiece from Dan Brown? Sadly the answer is NO. The reason? A simple one will be: Unlike Da Vinci code and Angels& Demons, Inferno is boring !

Dan Brown has put Prof.Langdon in many hard-to-believe situations before also and Langdon has come out heroically from all of those. But this is really the limit. Robert Langdon, running for his life and simultaneously trying to save the world and occasionally stopping to admire great works of art and architecture and also cracking mysterious codes and.....all this while he has amnesia!! The novel at many places look like a travellers guide and the end is highly disappointing.

A huge, huge disappointment! 1 out of 5.